What Is the Most Durable Luxury Watch To Buy?


There are many luxury watches on the market which would be considered durable. It would be unfair to recommend just a few and not the others, so this article will instead talk about the features you should be looking for in durability and make a few suggestions of brands and collections you can check out at various companies.

When you are looking for a durable watch, the things you need to consider before you make your purchase is the material it is made from, its resistance to wear and tear as well as the life expectancy of the watch.


Watches for Extreme Environments

If you are looking for a truly durable luxury watch, then there are quite a few on the market which are specifically designed for extreme environments. Companies such as Omega, Breitling and Rolex have been making watches designed for intensive wear and tear for decades. The extremely durable watches have mostly been designed for the types of environments the bravest pioneers in our society go to, such as space, deep sea exploration and the frigid temperatures of the poles.

These watches have been designed to be usable in pitch black environments without causing too much light pollution (ideal for observing nocturnal wildlife). Also, they can withstand the most extreme temperatures on both ends of the scale and they are fully waterproof and scratch resistant.


What Are They Made From?

If budget is a concern, then you should pick a stainless steel watch. Chrome and iron alloys do not rust and are just as durable as some of the more expensive materials. Increasingly, extremely durable watches are being made from titanium, but for now this is an expensive metal.


Your Watch’s Life Expectancy

Most people don’t invest in a luxury durable watch because they cannot justify the cost. On the other hand, they end up spending thousands more over a lifetime of replacing flimsy watches. A good durable luxury watch made by a company like Omega, Breitling or Hublot will literally last you a lifetime. In many cases, these are the types of watches that people have been handing down to their grandchildren. As long as the watch is not completely destroyed (in most normal cases this is almost impossible to do) or it is not stolen or lost, the watch itself can become a valuable family heirloom with a lot of its own history.